Water Pollution Control Plant

The Water Pollution Control Plant Department is responsible for the sanitary sewer and storm water system within the Village.

Sewage Back-up

Residents are responsible for sewage back-ups that occur as a result of a plugged line from the property line to their house. If the line is plugged on the Village portion of the lateral, or if a sewage back-up occurs for reasons other than plugged lines please page the Environmental Services Department at 519-333-0329.

Sewage Rates for 2020

Our current sewage rates are based on water usage:

  • $1.39/m³ for water;
  • .91¢/m³ for sewage; and
  • .33¢/m³ for water and sewage reserves.

There is a monthly service charge for water & sewage.


Jason Verstraeten, Manager of Environmental Services (519) 339-7273