• Financial records for operating, capital and reserve funds;
  • Preparing/issuing billings for property taxation;
  • Annual operating budgets and capital budgets;
  • Advising Council on financial matters;
  • Monthly and annual financial reports;
  • Maintaining computerized systems of the municipality;
  • Collecting and remitting property taxes to the County and School Boards;
  • Preparing grant applications;
  • Other duties as required.

Tax Bill/Payments

Payment Options: please click the link to learn more about payment options for taxes and other Village invoices.

We are pleased to answer any questions that you may have on your tax bills. Please provide your roll number, civic address and full name with all communications.


Teena Thibeault, Treasurer

2022 Tax Rates

(Upper Tier)
Tax Rate
School Tax Rate General
(Lower Tier)
Tax Rate
TOTAL Tax Rate
Resid/Farm RT 0.004554590 0.00153000 0.006676480 0.012761070
Multi Resid MT 0.00910918 0.00153000 0.013352970 0.023992150
New Multi Res NT 0.004554590 0.00153000 0.006676480 0.012761070
Comm CT 0.007410780 0.00880000 0.010863310 0.027074090
Comm XT 0.007410780 0.00880000 0.010863310 0.027074090
Comm CM 0.007410780 0.00000000 0.010863310 0.018274090
Comm CU 0.005187550 0.00880000 0.007604320 0.021591870
Comm CX 0.004969790 0.00679260 0.007285120 0.019047510
Office DT 0.006994930 0.00880000 0.010253730 0.026048660
Office DU 0.004896450 0.00880000 0.007177610 0.020874060
Industrial IT 0.009325850 0.00880000 0.013670580 0.031796430
Industrial IU 0.006061800 0.00880000 0.008885880 0.023747680
Industrial IX 0.006061800 0.00880000 0.008885880 0.023747680
Pipeline PT 0.006113880 0.00880000 0.008962210 0.023876090

Residential Tax Bills and Installment Due Dates

Property owners will receive two tax bills during each year. An interim tax bill is sent in early February. It is based on 33% of the previous year’s taxes. A final tax bill is mailed in early June with two payments being due, one at the first of July and the other at the first of October.

The due dates for 2022 are as follows:

  • March 1, 2022
  • July 4, 2022
  • October 3, 2022

Tax Bill Payment Options

Every attempt is being made to improve payment options for the taxpayer. The alternatives include:

  • Municipal Office, 135 Kendall Street, Point Edward N7V 4G6;
  • Drop Box at the Municipal Office;
  • Mail;
  • Chartered Bank;
  • On-line or Telephone Banking;
  • Pre-Authorized Payment
  • Debit machine

To pay by pre-authorized payment, please submit a completed enrollment form together with a void cheque.

Village of Point Edward Pre-Authorized Payment Agreement


The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) is responsible for determining assessment values for all properties in the municipality. Questions regarding assessed values or the assessment appeal process should be directed to MPAC.


Telephone: 1-866-296-6722
Web Site:

Financial Reports

The Financial Reports are prepared by the Auditor and reflect the financial position of the municipality.

Municipal Performance Measurement Program (M.P.M.P.)

This program has been established by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs to provide a method of comparison from one municipality to another on specified services.

 M.P.M.P. is a performance measurement and reporting system that promotes local government transparency and accountability. It also provides municipalities with useful data to make informed municipal service level decisions while optimizing available resources.

All Ontario municipalities are required to report M.P.M.P. efficiency and effectiveness measures for services provided by their municipality, the following are example areas that are to be reported on an annual basis:

  • drinking water
  • fire services
  • land use planning
  • local government
  • parks and recreation
  • police
  • roads
  • solid waste
  • storm water
  • wastewater

Asset Management Plan

An asset management plan is required to be developed for each municipality in Ontario to assist with long range planning for renewal and replacement of our capital assets. To review the Asset Management Plan for the Village of Point Edward please click here.

Strategic Asset Management Policy



Teena Thibeault, Treasurer
Telephone: 1-519-337-3021
Fax: 1-519-337-5963