The County of Lambton Building Department is responsible for the issuance of all permits and any related enforcement requirements. The administration for all building permit applications is dealt with by municipal office staff.

Building Permits are necessary to ensure that zoning requirements, fire and structural safety standards are met.

Responsibilities in the area of building include the following:

  • Enforcement of the Ontario Building Code;
  • Issuance of permits for all proposed development and construction;
  • By-law interpretation and enforcement

Building Permits are necessary for any changes or additions that you make to your property, including but not limited to:

  • New house or structure;
  • Demolition of an existing structure;
  • Additions or alterations to house or accessory buildings;
  • Electrical, mechanical or plumbing changes;
  • Swimming pools

It is the home owner’s responsibility to ensure that a building permit is obtained.


Jim Burns

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Building Inspector, Building Services Department, County of Lambton

(519) 845-0801