Parks / Splashpad

The Waterfront Park overlooks the St. Clair River and is situated under the Bluewater Bridges and has something for people of all ages: leisurely watching the boats go by, soccer pitch, playground equipment, French Fry truck, gazebo, pergola and the Bluewater Anglers Fish Hatchery.

There are a number of neighbourhood parks throughout the Village where children can enjoy the playground equipment and other amenities. The McCrae Park has a baseball diamond and there are tennis courts at the end of the Monk Street next to the walkway.

There are also walkways that wind their way through the entire Village and which are enjoyed by walkers, joggers, and bicyclists. It is a great way to get your exercise.

The following are the names of the local parks with location and photos:

Small playground with a red jungle gym. There is a bridge in the background.
Children playing in a splashpark. There are a random assortment of water pipes and spouts.
Waterfront Park, Michigan Ave. at Livingston Street
Small playground behind a fenced area. The playground consists of a multicoloured jungle gym with a red slide.
Optimist Children’s Park, St. Clair Street at Victoria Ave.
Small playground. There is signage by the entrance with the park's name on it. The playground consists of a red jungle gym.
Elk’s Park, Michigan Ave. at Arthur Street
Playground with a jungle gym and a picnic table on the side. There are some green trees in the background.
Huron Park, Helena Street
Playground on a wide, green field. The playground is shrouded by some tall trees.
McCrae Park, Michigan Ave. at Front Street
Playground with  a junglge gym and a swing set. There is a fence in the foreground and some trees in the background..
Griffon Park, Simpson Street
Exterior of tennis court. The tennis court has blue coloured flooring and is surrounded by a cage. There is a bench an a bicycle stand on the outside of the court.
Tennis Courts, Monk Street