Energy Management

The Ministry of Energy, through the Green Energy act, has required that all Broader Public Service agencies are to report their energy consumption on an annual basis.  Below are the consumption reports for the years listed. Data for the consumption Report is to be posted no later than July 1 of the second year after consumption.

Consumption Report for 2011

Consumption Report for 2012

Consumption Report for 2013
Consumption Report for 2014
Consumption Report for 2015
Consumption Report for 2016
Consumption Report for 2017

The Ministry of Energy also requires each Broader Public Service Agency to establish an Energy Management Plan with the overall goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Below is the Energy Management Plan for the Village of Point Edward.

Village of Point Edward Management Plan

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Chief Administrative Officer Jim Burns at (519) 337-3021.