Parks and Recreation facilities are a very important part of the services provided by the Village of Point Edward. You can refer to the Community – Parks section to see photos and find the locations of each of our parks.

The Parks are maintained by the Public Works staff. They cut the grass and always receive compliments for the exceptional work that they perform to beautify the parks and walkways and to keep them neat and tidy.

Waterfront Park

The Waterfront Park is a 13-acre park that features a wide variety of activities. Although much of the park is used for quiet enjoyment and relaxation, approvals are required for certain events or sports activities.

Waterfront Park Rental for Events

A request must be made in writing for permission from Council for the use of the Park for events and is subject to conditions as set out below:

Use of Pergola or Gazebo in the Waterfront Park for Weddings or other celebrations

A request must be made in writing for permission from Council for the use of the pergola or gazebo for a wedding or other celebration. If approved, it can be used only for the duration of the wedding and no chairs are to be set up. There is to be no marking or defacing of any Village Property.

Use of Roads, Sidewalks or Walkways for Charitable Walks

A request must be made in writing for permission from Council to use Village roads, sidewalks or walkways for charitable walks. The letter must be accompanied by a map showing the walk/run route. If approved by Council, notification must be made to the Point Edward O.P.P., Fire Department and Public Works Department. No marking or defacing of any Village property is permitted, including the walkways, roads or sidewalks.

Use of Baseball Diamonds and Soccer Pitch

The policy, as set out below, has been established by the Village Council for making application to use the baseball diamonds and the soccer pitch.

Washroom Facilities

Washroom facilities are available at the Waterfront Park and the McCrae Park. They are normally open from May to October, depending on the weather conditions. The washrooms are closed during the night.

Point Edward Minor Athletic Association

President: Liz Page 
Cell# (519) 384-8794 
Home# (519) 344-6961

Co-Vice President: Lori Guthrie         
Cell# (519) 331-7511

Co-Vice President: Stephanie Purdy    
Cell # (519) 344-3190


Jim Burns, Chief Administrative Officer  
(519) 337-3021

Mike Nesdoly, Operations Manager 
(519) 337-3021